Sendai Science Museum


Collections and Exhibits

Sendai Science Museum has three main exhibition halls.
There are
(1)The natural history exhibition hall (treated with Life, present and past geologically related exhibits).
(2) The Science and Technology exhibition hall ( physics, chemistry related exhibits).
(3) Daily living and science exhibition hall ( science as related to our daily living exhibits).
The museum also has an interesting rock garden, science playground and other science related facilities out side the building.
The building itself is an exhibition of science. This museum has computer system by which everyone can locate quickly any of the exhibits in the building and easy to access to reference data on the many exhibits. A concept of this comprehensive science museum is that you can actually operate the equipment, enabling us to learn and understand more fully the operation of scientific principles.


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HOURS of ADMISSION and admission fees, etc.


4:45p.m. from 9 a.m.

(the entrance : until 4p.m.)


Every Monday(The next day in case of national holiday)

The next day of national holiday(Sunday is excluded)

The end of every month(Sunday and national holiday are excluded)

Year end and new year(Until January 4 from December 28 to next year)

Admission fees

Use division


High school

primary and junior high school


500 yen

300 yen

200 yen

Group(30 people or more)

400 yen

250 yen

160 yen

Driving simulator

20 yen once

Flight simulator

100 yen once

 free the rate of one person every 30 people at the group use.

 It is free on the 2nd and the fourth Saturday when schoolchildren become holidays along with five day in the school of the week system below the junior high school student except the case where it is holiday.

Transportation :
For the subway - "Asahigaoka" getting off and 5 minutes on foot.
At the Tohoku car road use - getting off from "Sendai Miyagi IC",about 20 minutes through Yaotome-Oritate line.

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