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Natural History Exhibition

4F/Natural History Exhibition

Natural History Exhibition

An exhibition room where visitors can experience the natural world.

This exhibition displays living creatures that inhibit Sendai. which extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Ou mountains. The exhibition is categorized into five groups;islands,tidelands,plains,rivers,and mountains and displayed. Fossils found in Miyagi prefecture and representative prehistoric elephants representative of that age are displayed in the Earth Science section. You can also see the minerals mined in the Tohoku region and experience the earthquake simulator"Gurari-kun". Numerous specimens can be found inside the jungle gym-shaped forest at the center of the exhibition room.

Gateway to Nature

Visitors to the "Gateway to Nature" can learn about nature by examining the shapes, colors, numbers, and sounds found in nature.

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●Eggs, nests, and cocoons ●Seeds and fruits ●Leaves and flowers ●Sea algae ●Mushrooms specimens ●Rocks ●Minerals ●Find out the shape, color, number, and sound

Regional Nature

There are 7 species of prehistoric elephants on display in the Earth Science. The Biological Section introduces the ecosystem of the area extending from the Ou mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

<Exhibition list>
Life on the island
Life in the tideland
Geese migrating to the plains of Sendai
River life
Beech trees in the Funagata mountains and life in the mountains
March of the prehistoric elephants(Sendai's geological age)
Minerals in Tohoku
Plate teconics
Borehole core


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Guided Tours

The Museum offers guided tours of the exhibition on the 4F

From 13:30
Every Saturday Sunday and National holidays(once a day)

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