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Life System Exhibition

3F/Life System Exhibition

Life System Exhibition

An exhibition room where you can experience the science of everyday life.

There are exhibits about life science, science of play, environmental science, and flight. We recommend the "Challenge Lab" where you can choose which experiment to try yourself.

Environmental Atelier

Learn about the environment from various perspectives through the 7 item on display.

<Exhibition list>
Introductory Wall
Global Environment Multi-display (energy/recycling, atmosphere/water, global warming and others)
Survey Sendai's Wildlife(dandelions, cicadas, and insects and more)
Surverig the environment(weather eye)
Alternative Energy(fuel cell)
Wetlands(illustrated encyclopedia of protists, observe volvox cells)
Environment of the Hirosegawa river(model river complete with flowing water)

Life Science

See how our lives are interconnected with science

<Exhibition list>
Robot zone
Automatic performance piano
Ensemble of light
GARAGE(mechanical engineering factory)
PC studio(original game and more)
Material corner(clothes display and more)
Dainohara Meteorological Center(weather information system and tornado generation machine)
WOODS(small exhibition gallery)
Plasma ball

The Science of Play

<Exhibition list>
The Mysterious Kindergarten(singing sand box)
Mechanical toy corner
Flight corner(Aero Subaru and wind tunnel experiment equipment)
Soap bubbles(go inside a giant soap bubble)
Challenge lab(conduct experiments and use the microscope)

Conduct various experiments.
Some things made during the experiments may be taken home as a souvenir.

Twice a day:
10:30 ~ 11:30 and 14:00~15:00

Entrance Hall

<Exhibition list>
Try science
Oshaberi parabola
Naumann's elephant

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