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Science and Engineering Exhibition

4F/Science and Engineering Exhibition

Science and Engineering Exhibition

An exhibition room where you can experience the wonders of the science.

The "ship," which is shaped like a spaceship, is full of exhibits you can experience with all of your five senses. Four themed exhibits are located between the element columns that line the exhibition hall. Scientific technology inventions and discoveries made in Sendai are shown here. All equipment is interactive.

Gateway to Science

Fundamental science exhibits related to length, weight, time, temperature and the elements.

<Exhibition list>
Where is the center? ●The Periodic Table of Elements ●Elements Column ●Find out he temperature, length, weight, and time

The Mysterious World of Chemistry

Exhibits show various chemical reactions and a model of bonding molecules.

<Exhibition list>
Fragrance Factory
Flame reaction
Chemistry Lab-box

Treasure Chest of Inventions From Sendai

It is a world famous invention from Sendai.

<Exhibition list>
Sound carried out by light
Rasing magnets
Catch the radio waves

Interesting Experiences Around You

Learn about phenomenon around you such as water, air, light, and sound.

<Exhibition list>
●Lasers that pass through acryl columns due to the principal of total reflection ●Wave motion experiment equipment ●Sound lens ●Archimedes' principle ●Friction and heat

Electricity And Magnetism Are Interrelated

Display related to electricity and magnetism, etc.

<Exhibition list>
Solor car
●Electical current created by a magnet

Guided Tours

The Museum offers guided tours of the exhibition on the 4F

From 13:30
Every Saturday Sunday and National holidays(once a day)

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